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Audio Press Release

$125 per press release





Professional Voice

Final Audio File

Interview Podcast

$300 per interview


Professional Production

Audio Engineering

Ten Minute Podcast


Raw Audio File Provided

Final Audio File

Premium Podcast

$999 per month

Two 30 minutes sessions

Eight Press readings



Music Mixing

Raw Audio Files

Final Audio Files

Authoritative Presence

A podcast provides a format to share your expertise in your own industry. Audio files allow you to inject your enthusiasm and speaking skills to add an air of authority to the information that is often lacking in the written word. Regular podcasts with accurate information or ideas help establish you and your company as an authority in the business. Customers want a company that knows the industry so the podcasts help build up that trust.

Audience Connection

Hearing the voice of the presenter gives the audience a stronger connection than simply reading the information on a web page. If you broadcast regular podcasts, the listeners become familiar with your voice and presentation style. This familiarity keeps them coming back and keeps your company in their minds. A podcast is a more personal way to reach out to new potential customers. They get a better idea of your values and way of running the business. Your audience also has more flexibility on how they listen to the podcast. With traditional print articles or websites, users must focus more attention on the task. Podcasts allow the audience to listen while doing other things.

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